Deep Space Exploration: Alien world discovered HIP-99770b


American space agency NASA scientists discovered Alien World HIP-99770b on deep space exploration. Scientist of NASA have said that there are at least 5 thousand alien worlds in the universe.

With the discovery of 65 new planets, NASA has confirmed the presence of more than 5000 such planetary bodies around stars beyond our solar system, marking a new milestone in deep space exploration.

Alien World Discovered

A new alien world HIP-99770b has been found in our galaxy. It is 14 to 16 times larger in weight than Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Its radius is 1.05 times more than the radius of Jupiter. It is 254 crore kilometers away from its star i.e. the Sun. Whereas in our solar system, Jupiter is about 49 crore kilometers from the Sun.

So, how did they find this celestial heavyweight?

Thanks to the Gaia Spacecraft, scientists were able to detect the planet while deep space exploration its star’s movement. Thayne Curie, leading the team, shared their approach using data from Gaia and cross-referencing with the Subaru Telescope, they unlocked the secrets of this distant planet.

Astrophysicist Thynne Curie of the University of Texas at San Antonio says that our experiment has been successful. We have discovered alien world through new technology. This technique will be useful in finding other such planets in future. We did direct imaging and analyzed its data with astrometry.

Even now it is not easy to find any planet outside our solar system. Because their light is very less. These look very small. Even the light of their stars is less visible. But now scientists around the world have discovered more than 5300 exoplanets in space.

For this alien world discovered, Thynne Curie and his colleagues took the help of data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia and Hipparcos spacecraft. Both these spacecraft are making a map of our galaxy Milky Way. He has a record of 25 years.

Apart from this, data from the Subaru Telescope and Keck Observatory located on the Hawaiian Islands were analyzed. This revealed that the new alien world HIP-99770b suffers the same radiation as our planet Jupiter. Because his sun is very big. Therefore distance does not matter. This new alien world HIP-99770b is hot. There are also less clouds in it.

There is also a ring of ice on the new alien world HIP-99770b. Which is revolving around the planet. This circle of ice is 1750 crore kilometers away from the star. Thynne Curie said that now we have a new way to investigate distant planets.

Aliens, their microscopic world and their interference in the earth’s world etc. are some of the topics in which today’s cosmologists are most interested. We can get evidence of this from the data available through today’s communication media (be it YouTube videos or films made in Hollywood).

This deep space exploration related to aliens and their world has taken scientists from all over the world and scientist of NASA to far reaches of the universe. But in their quest to explore as far as possible in the universe, they have actually gone very far.

Bridging Mythology and Science

Indian texts call these creatures from other worlds not as inhabitants of other planets but as inhabitants of other worlds.

Many people view the facts of these texts with suspicion because they describe ‘different worlds’ for the creatures of the other world (like Devlok, Pitarlok, Prithvilok, and Patallok) whereas today We know that as soon as we leave the Earth, we find other ‘planets’ in space and not other worlds and there are no signs of life in these planets, that is, there is no life anywhere else in this entire solar system except our Earth. is.

So is what is written in Indian scriptures imaginary?

The word ‘Lok’ found in Indian scriptures means a place where any civilization resides, that is, we cannot call any uninhabited place or uninhabited planet as Lok.

Now coming to the main thing that when we can see other planets in the sky or space then why can’t we see other worlds? To understand this, we have to understand the concept of people. All of us, today, who are living our lives in this world, are travelers in a specific time-space continuum.

In the ancient Indian mythological texts, the scientific facts related to these have been described in the form of a story, in which the story of Emperor Ravat is famous, who goes from Prithvi Lok to Brahma Lok with his daughter Revati and after staying there for a while, comes back immediately, but in the same time here, Many eras have passed on earth.

But the important question is whether these aliens and their microscopic world still exist today? And if so, do they still come to Earth? In this regard, Shri Ram Sharma ji has mentioned an authentic incident in his book which forces us to think even today.

The Astonishing Tale of Kedar Malakar: A Journey Beyond Worlds

A Journey Beyond Worlds

In the year 1937, in the streets of Banaras, a 16-year-old named Kedar Malakar encountered an extraordinary incident that would forever alter his life. Having lost his father recently, he lived with his mother, sister, and nephew.

This incident is of the year 1937. A 16 year old teenager named Kedar Malakar lived in Bengali Tola locality of Banaras. Kedar’s father had died at the same time when this astonishing incident happened. Only his mother, sister and nephew were left in the family. Kedar was studying in a nearby school. One day a wonderful incident happened with that child.

The Divine Encounter with the holy spirit

That day he went to the market of Dashashwamedh Ghat(Varanashi) to buy some goods. There was a slightly deserted area on the way. There, a luminous divine entity appeared to him on the upper branches of a tree. Kedar was looking at him with astonishment. For some time he was bewildered by the attraction of that luminous form.

As soon as he became normal, the thought came to his mind that he might see someone else too. Thinking like this, he stood there and started waiting for other passers-by because there was silence of the afternoon far and wide.

But as soon as such a thought came to Kedar’s mind, that divine incarnation disappeared from there. And at this very moment Kedar started experiencing a very strange feeling in his body. For a few moments, his consciousness lost control over his body and he sat down on his knees on the raw ground. Then after some time he regained his composure and started moving towards his destination.

After doing the necessary shopping he returned home. But after coming home his condition started deteriorating. The body was getting unusually hot. After a while, the pain all over the body also became unbearable.

The family members were extremely worried but after remaining in the same condition for two days, his condition started improving relatively and after a few days he completely recovered.

The Mysterious Journey

This was his first experience of contact with that divine incarnate divine power. After this that luminous entity started coming frequently. Now whenever she came, he did not experience the same pain as before, but due to her presence, Kedar’s subtle body was forced to come out and go with her. Sometimes he would remain out of his physical body for hours and then after some time would automatically enter it.

When this sequence happened again and again, his family members asked him as to where he had suddenly acquired this knowledge. On this he said that this is not a knowledge which can be called extraordinary. Whatever was happening to him neither he had any power of his own nor did he have any will of his own.

The Unveiling of Other Worlds

He told them that all this was accomplished with the help of a god. When he would appear in front, the subtle body would automatically separate itself from the physical body and then following him, it would go to the same world in which the said divine soul resided.

There he was taken to different places and was given information about the secrets of countless types of knowledge and science. After the work was completed he would return back to earth in his physical body.

Kedar often used to say that the angels who take people to other worlds (he used to address them by this name) should be the same, but it was not so. There were different angels for different Bhuvans (worlds). The angels of that Bhuvan, where Kedar was to be taken, would come and take him with them. But it was not that all this happened as per his (Kedar’s) wish.

Kedar told that, either the angels would have taken him to their heaven on their own will, or on the will of the ruler of their world. Where to go, what to do, Kedar was completely dependent on him in all these matters. Wherever the angels went, Kedar had to follow them, as if his subtle body was automatically drawn by the angel’s attraction.

Some intellectuals of that time asked him what it feels like to come out of the body?

So he told that as soon as one was freed from the bondage of the physical body, suddenly this world and its physical body would become invisible in a way and one would start experiencing a void (later Kedar told that it was a great void, it had no end or end). But through this great void one could enter other planets or worlds.

Understanding Beyond the Physical

With the attraction of the guiding deity, he moved forward penetrating that void. Moving forward in this manner, both of them (Kedar and the angel) would reach a place which was full of terrible waves. Here his subtle body felt as if intense electric shocks with high energy were being received. Due to this feeling there, Kedar named that place ‘Jhatika’.

He told that the senses would have become ineffective for some time in front of the place of shock, hence the knowledge till then would have become inaccessible and he would not have known any experience of them. There would always be the same experience of traveling to different places, after which Kedar would reach a new world, a new world and acquire new information there.

But Kedar told that during this period he had to suffer severe pain many times and leaving the journey incomplete, he had to return back to his physical body lying on the earth. But this happens only when someone with impure body or mind touches his physical body.

Time passed and the amazing mental and spiritual development of that sixteen year old teenager continued to happen at a rapid pace.

Spiritual Evolution and Insights

Seeing his astonishing progress, some Mahatmas who were active in the subtle world would say that he had been blessed by some divine being living in the upper worlds, otherwise it would not have been possible for an ordinary child to make such an effort.

In the process of coming out of the physical body of this material world, he (Kedar) continued to develop gradually and finally such a situation came that by his own ability, he came out of his body and could come to any world unhindered and Got the ability to go. After this, people started asking him various public related questions.

Like a philanthropist, he would provide adequate solutions to everyone’s curiosity. Once in one such meeting, he was requested to go out of this world (not just the Earth) and see it and tell how it looks? Those who asked the question were knowledgeable and wanted to test Kedar with this question whether his speed really extended to different worlds or everything was just an illusion.

It took a moment for Kedar to come out of his subtle body and in the blink of an eye, he returned back to his physical body. Giving an accurate answer to this question, he told the wise man that this world appears from outside as if a man is standing motionless with his hands extended to the right and left. There is a similar description in the Vaishvanar Vidya given in the Upanishads. Jain Acharyas also express similar views.

In another such meeting, someone asked him a shocking question. He asked Kedar, “How does Vaikuntha world look from the great void of which you talk, tell us something about its nature.” Kedar again came out of his body and returned within a short time. He told everyone present there that “From Mahashunya, Vaikuntha Loka is visible from outside like a conch shell, clockwise”.

In this way he gave proper solution to many mysterious questions related to the afterlife. Whichever planets or worlds he visited, he would learn the languages of those places and sometimes would be found using them even on earth after returning to his physical body. The listeners often do not understand which language he is using.

In public dealings, he would many times by mistake use completely unknown and unfamiliar words from those worlds. When the person in front expressed his ignorance towards him and remained silent due to not understanding the meaning, Kedar would realize his mistake. It was his daily routine to recite the Vedas in the evening but surprisingly his Vedas were different from the Vedas prevalent here.

The Divine Language and Insights

Not only was there a slight difference in the tone of his Vedas, his words were also completely different. The words of his Vedas were neither in Hindi nor in Sanskrit, rather they seemed to be from some other world. Their pronunciation was also completely different. Those who saw and heard his recitation of the Vedas thought that perhaps he had learned some divine language during his journey to Devlok and was reciting the Vedas there in the same language.

Still, some people could not control themselves and asked him about it. Satisfying the curiosity of those people, he said, “Unlike the worldly language here, the divine language there does not have to be learned by reading or listening. This process of learning and understanding is completely different there compared to Earth.

Whichever world a human being on earth with a subtle body goes to, and expresses his desire to talk to any God there, a ray of light emerges from the middle of his eyebrow and touches the middle of the eyebrow of the person in front of him. Only by this the person becomes knowledgeable about the feelings and language of that place. After this, he not only starts understanding the dialect there but can also exchange ideas freely there.

Whatever he has to say, it all starts appearing according to the language, words and sounds there. Unlike on Earth, there is no need to remember words, grammar rules and sentences to communicate there. Traveling to different worlds had become a regular routine for Kedar. Day and night, whenever he felt like it, he would set out on a journey to the divine worlds and return after having darshan and touching the feet of Gods as per his wish.

The Revelation of Truth

This supernatural ability of Kedar was not just a wonder or curiosity for him. Through this, he had obtained secrets of many types of supernatural knowledge and science, which he also used and demonstrated from time to time. But on one occasion, when he met ‘Sidhi Maa’ of Kashi, his outlook towards life changed. Siddhi Maa inspired him to achieve the real aim of life (realization of God).

The incidents that happened with Kedar proved the truth of what was written in ancient Indian texts. Some people may consider these things as purely imaginary, but if we look at the research work done by Western scholars in the recent past, their articles, documentaries made on these subjects and some of the films made there, then we will get a clear idea that He realizes the mysterious but important importance of ancient Indian texts.

Beyond Imagination

The world around us is actually not as peaceful as it appears. There is a commotion everywhere and everywhere. No one has peace. And this restlessness is not only in this world but in every atom of this world. It is very important to be calm in order to listen to this restlessness and movement. When one’s self becomes calm, the movements of the other world also become heard and visible.

Sometimes some things are visible but they are not in front, in the same way some things are not visible but they are right in front. The doors to the other world are also somewhere around us, but to enter into it, we first have to enter into ourselves so that we can expand, as much as this world has expanded.

FAQs: Alien World HIP-99770b

1. What is alien world HIP-99770b, and why is it significant?

HIP-99770b is an alien world discovered by scientist of NASA, orbiting a star twice the size of our sun. Its significance lies in being a colossal planet, about 14 to 16 times heavier than Jupiter.

2. How far is alien world HIP-99770b from its star?

This alien world orbits HIP-99770 at a distance of approximately 254 crore kilometers, much farther than Jupiter’s distance from our sun, which is about 49 crore kilometers.

3. How was alien world HIP-99770b discovered?

The Gaia Spacecraft detected this planet while observing its star’s movement, marking the first discovery of a planet while deep space exploration of a star’s motion.

4. What’s unique about alien world HIP-99770b’s characteristics?

HIP-99770b boasts a radius 1.05 times larger than Jupiter’s and exhibits a weight significantly greater than any planet in our solar system.

5. How often does the luminous entity associated with alien world HIP-99770b appear?

After its initial appearance, the luminous entity began frequenting Kedar Malakar, providing opportunities for astral projection and visits to other realms.

6. Did Kedar Malakar experience any physical discomfort during his encounters?

Initially, Kedar experienced intense heat and bodily distress, but with subsequent encounters, the discomfort lessened, allowing his subtle body to journey without pain.

7. How did Kedar Malakar communicate in different worlds?

During his astral travels, Kedar gained the ability to understand and converse in various languages specific to the realms he visited, facilitated by a mutual exchange of energy.

8. What insights did Kedar Malakar gain from his travels?

His journeys unveiled diverse worlds and teachings, revealing glimpses of afterlife experiences, different angels for different realms, and insights into supernatural sciences.

9. What were the challenges faced during his astral travels?

Kedar encountered intense waves and shocking sensations in certain realms, temporarily limiting his sensory experiences and forcing him to return to his physical body prematurely.

10. How did Kedar’s encounters align with ancient texts?

His experiences echoed elements found in ancient texts, aligning with descriptions of otherworldly experiences and interactions with divine beings from Indian scriptures.

11. What prompted Kedar’s change in perspective?

A meeting with ‘Sidhi Maa’ inspired Kedar to seek the ultimate purpose of life—realizing God—shifting his focus from exploring worlds to spiritual growth.

12. What message does Kedar’s journey convey to us?

Kedar’s journey beyond known realms urges us to explore inner peace and expand our understanding of existence, hinting at boundless possibilities within and beyond our perceived reality.

13. What are the specific astronomical methods used in confirming the existence of Alien World HIP-99770b, and how do these methods differ from previous exoplanet discoveries?

The confirmation of new alien world HIP-99770b involved intricate astrometry and direct imaging techniques, a departure from traditional exoplanet detection methods. These methods employed data from Gaia and Hipparcos spacecraft along with deep space exploration from the Subaru Telescope and Keck Observatory, enabling precise measurements of the planet’s characteristics and its star’s movement.

14. Could you elaborate on the theoretical framework supporting the existence of a luminous entity associated with new Alien World HIP-99770b and its impact on the physical and metaphysical dimensions?

The presence of a luminous entity linked to new alien world HIP-99770b poses complex theoretical inquiries into metaphysics and quantum phenomena. It prompts discussions on astral projection, possibly governed by quantum entanglement or string theory, impacting our understanding of the interconnectedness between physical and spiritual planes.

15. What is deep space exploration?

Deep space exploration involves the study and exploration of regions beyond Earth’s immediate vicinity, including other planets, moons, asteroids, and distant galaxies.

16. Why is deep space exploration important?

Deep space exploration expands our understanding of the universe, offers insights into planetary formation and evolution, and provides opportunities for scientific discoveries that can benefit humanity. It also serves as a platform for testing new technologies and advancing human knowledge and capabilities.

17. How do we explore deep space?

Deep space exploration is conducted through various means, including robotic spacecraft, telescopes, rovers, and manned missions. These tools allow scientists to gather data, images, and samples from distant celestial bodies.

18. What are the challenges of deep space exploration?

Challenges include vast distances, harsh environmental conditions, limited resources, communication delays, and the need for advanced propulsion systems to reach far-off destinations within reasonable timeframes. Additionally, ensuring the safety and well-being of astronauts on long-duration missions presents significant challenges.

19. What are some notable achievements in deep space exploration?

Notable achievements include the Apollo moon landings, the Voyager missions’ exploration of the outer planets and beyond, the Mars rover missions, and the discovery of exoplanets orbiting other stars. Ongoing missions such as the James Webb Space Telescope promise to revolutionize our understanding of the universe.

20. What are the future prospects for deep space exploration?

Future prospects include crewed missions to Mars and beyond, continued exploration of the outer solar system and beyond, the search for extraterrestrial life, and the advancement of space tourism. Additionally, advancements in propulsion technology and robotics may enable more ambitious missions to explore distant stars and galaxies.

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